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A technology platform that gives you the apps and tools you need to interact with your customers in meaningful ways and run your business more efficiently.

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Powerful tools to change the way you do business and interact with your customers

Your customers are using technology to interact with the world around them more than ever before. This is quickly becoming their expectation even with everyday tasks like washing your car.

Use technology to connect your carwash to your customers

Connect with Your Customers

Learn valuable insights about your existing customers and increase sales by tapping into the new generation of carwash consumers.

Technology at Your Service

Leverage technology without getting lost in it. We equip you with the user-friendly digital tools you need to stay ahead of the competition.

How it Works

We private label our platform to give your customers a fully branded experience, allowing them to connect with your carwash business like never before. The more they connect with you the more data you have, helping you better serve them. A happy customer is a loyal one!

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Your Carwash

Use these tools to drive more people to your locations. Using memberships, or single purchases you can ensure that people come to your site directly bypassing the competition.

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Online Management Application

Our online management application is packed full of tools to help you manage your digital platform successfully.

We empower you with visibility on financial reporting, customer behaviour and analysis and more.

We also provide a platform that allows you to talk directly to your customers using push notifications, in-app video and more.

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Your Customers

Most people are rarely more than 5ft away from their smartphone at any given time. It is a precious possession that turns into an amazing tool for communication and e-commerce.

Using our platform, you empower the user to create the experience they are looking for:

  • Memberships
  • Single purchases
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotional incentives
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Helping You Every Step of the Way

We understand that sometimes its hard to know where to start. Our experience working with all types of car wash operators mixed with our understanding of technology means we can help lead the way. We are at our best when we collaborate with our customers, understanding their vision and goals. We want your customers to have a simple and meaningful connection with our technology.



your unique business needs



a powerful solution just for you



a digital presence you'll love



to ensure your satisfaction



your new platform to the public



your carwash operation

What our Customers Say

Great Team

"The Carwash Connect team has been great to work with. They work to understand our needs. Our custom, branded app is exactly what we were looking for."

— Nate K, COO Xtreme Clean

Pretty Slick System

“It’s a pretty slick system. 
We had always sold packages for car washes, but now we 
are pushing the app.”

— Rich S, Cambridge Honda

Customers Love it

“A lot of my customers have started using the App. It offers the most convenient way to purchase any wash package. No need to lower the window!”

— Soma P, Kleen Getaway

Smooth Integration

"We use several different POS and pay terminal platforms and Carwash Connect was able to integrate them all into an easy to use App."

— Mike Black, Valet Carwash

Ready to Upgrade?

The best way to understand exactly what we do is to contact us. We love learning about your business, what makes you unique and how our platform can help. To start the conversation, reach out and one of our team members will contact you right away.